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S.L., Professional Engineer Lawrenceville, Georgia


John assisted my company in drafting a contract proposal with a client. The contract was well done & completed in a timely manner.

B.B., Certified Public Accountant Decatur, GA


Over the years, I have used John for a variety of legal issues ranging from wills, trusts, guardianship, legal issues with county and more.  He has been very helpful.  One of the things a really appreciate about his help is his prompt returning of phone calls.

C.T., Attorney at Law Lawrenceville, GA


I endorse this lawyer. John is an outstanding lawyer. He and I have litigated against one another over the years. He was always prepared and was a strong advocate for his client.

G.C. , Attorney at Law Metropolitan Atlanta


John is  a top notch attorney who has skillfully mastered his primary area of practice over the course of his professional experience. His sharp critical thinking and flawless work ethic are perhaps the key qualities which ensured the success of a remarkable number of his cases. I endorse this lawyer and encourage anyone who needs superior legal representation to opt for his services.

R.H., Attorney at Law Lawrenceville, GA


I endorse this lawyer's work.  John is also an architect and his knowledge in both fields, law and architecture, allow him to serve his clients with a keen sense of what is needed.  He is quite familar with building codes, zoning issues, licensing required for construction, etc.  He is also a mediator who does an outstanding job in homeowner/builder disputes.  I can highly recommend John to any of you needing help in the construction, contractor, building area of the law.

D.W., Attorney at Law Lilburn, GA


"John is able, intelligent and experienced in law and architecture. I have worked with him for four decades and I can recommend him without reservation.

Success Stories

Estate Protected


Client had passed away.  A party with whom he had dealt during his lifetime made a $150,000.00 claim against his estate.  During his lifetime, we had helped the client arrange his affairs so that his business was properly incorporated and his assets were separated from his potential liabilities.  The claim of the party was defeated because the debt owed to him was owed by the corporation and not the deceased client, preserving the estate for the widow and surviving children.

Estate Preserved


An elderly woman had a considerable estate which was being administered by her son.  Two siblings engaged our firm because they suspected the son was misappropriating their mother's funds.  We pursued a guardianship proceeding to have the son removed as administrator and be replaced by the county administrator who preserved the estate assets.

A Real Estate Mess Averted


Our client was a residential contractor.  After he completed construction of a substantial residence, an adjoining property owner came forward and claimed our client's plat and legal description were incorrect and the adjoining owner owned 50' of our client's property.  We joined all parties in the chain of title and their title insurance companies.  At one point there was one plaintiff and eight defendants.  We were able to effectuate a settlement on behalf of our client whereby he recouped all of his costs of litigation and was effectively "made whole"